Pinot Noir 2006

Light-mid garnet colour. Complex nose, with developed forest floor and cedar characters over red fruits. Still shows a little fruit sweetness. Mature flavours. Developed red fruits medium bodied and well balanced, with fine, slightly dry tannins to finish

$18.00 per bottle



Cabernet Merlot 2008

Rich, complex nose showing excellent depth of developed blackcurrant fruit and a hint of leafiness. Medium bodied, with very good depth of flavour. Developed, near-mature flavours, but still showing sweet, dark berry fruit. Moderately deep black-garnet colour. Quite a stylish balance, with fine, firm tannins. A nicely developed wine of very good quality.

$20.00 per bottle


Merlot 2013

A warm generous season has produced a Merlot with good body and fresh rich chocolate-like flavours.  Good middle palate with soft lingering finish.

$ 20.00 per bottle






Sangiovese 2010

The colour is mid brick red, the aroma closed on the nose to start, but opened somewhat to show very savoury, complex aromas and red berries. The palette is medium bodied, with a slightly hollow mid-palate (typical of most Sangiovese).  Very dry finish, with firm tannin astringency.

$ 20.00 per bottle



Fresco Riesling 2015

Excellent example of top quality Canberra DIstrict Riesling with a slightly different take with the added sweetness. Therefore not as dry as most Canberra Rieslings but still with the intense aromatics with zesty lemon flavours.

$18.00 per bottle



Beagle’s Run Viognier 2008

Mid yellow colour, rich nose showing ripe stonefruit characters and a little toasty development aroma. Full-bodied, round and soft. Rich, developed flavours. Slight sweetness, but reasonably balanced by moderate acidity. Some warmth from alcohol.


$16.00 per bottle



Jirra Chardonnay 2013

Mid yellow-gold colour, rich, developed nose with tinned peaches and toast. Hints of grilled nuts from oak and bottle age. Full bodied, soft palate. Stonefruit flavours with slight complexity from oak.

$ 18.00 per bottle



Late Harvest Viognier 2009

Bright pale-mid yellow. Fresh, aromatic nose with plenty of sweet grapey fruit. Similarly fresh, fruity flavours. Moderate sweetness, finishing very softly, with low acidity.  An attractive dessert wine without the complexity of Botrytis, but still quite rich.

$10.00 per 375ml bottle



Riesling 2005

Bright mid yellow colour. Rich, complex nose, with lemon, lemon curd and toasty development.  Aromatic, intense. Full-flavoured palate with similar complex flavours.  Good balance, if slightly broad.  This is a very good example of bottle-aged Riesling and now at its best.

$ 16.00 per bottle